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Progettazione & Impiantistica
Scegliere un partner affidabile e puntuale non è una cosa semplice, Noi da anni operiamo nel settore. L'esperienza e la tecnologia è dalla nostra parte.

Elettromeccanica Tamai A. & Minetto G. & C.

Elettromeccanica Tamai A. e Minetto G. & C. s.n.c. operate in the services market as a supplier and reliable partner who, in addition to its own technical and design expertise, offers a supply of pumps, valves, control panels and junction boxes for systems and services, based on a solid tradition of high technology and attention to human relations.

Elettromeccanica Tamai A. e Minetto G. & C. s.n.c., drawing on its extensive experience and know how, operates primarily in:

Control instruments

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Electrical installations

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Quality and safety

Our best investment

  • Quality certification ISO 9001-2008
  • Builders Qualified for Public Works CQOP SOA nr 25496/10/00
  • Autorize categories:
  • OG 6 - classe III |Network construction, maintenance and restructuring for the works needed to implement “Integrated urban water
  • OG 10 - classe II | Construction of high/medium voltage transformation and power distribution systems
  • OG 30 - classe III | - Construction of internal electrical, telephone, radiotelephone and television services
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Our partner

Our partners allow us to achieve the highest quality levels on the plants.